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About We tinkle in Moonwells
Well hey there!
Welcome to the <We tinkle in Moonwells> website.

If you are already a member of We tinkle in Moonwells, please still apply for the guild to then be able to participate in the forums.

What We Are Doing - Updated on 10/16/14

Accepting all casual individuals to our guild to enjoy the "maturity" and "friendly" banter.

I would like to make a day out of the week to run an alt raid of sorts. So, if you are a super casual raider that would like to be apart of that, please whisper me(Caaran) or an officer in game for more info.

Class forums are set up for anyone that has a question about their class and needs help. Your class officer or myself

Our Mission

We tinkle in Moonwells is on a mission to be the place for fun and progressive raiding on our server.

Our guild was founded under wanting to create and have a fun yet progressive raiding enviroment, positive and friendly atmosphere, and a place where people can come and be themselves (within reason). With these values in mind, we belive we are on the right path in accomplishing our mission.

A Little Bit About Us

We are a raiding guild fixed on consistant progression through 5.4 and beyond. Our guild is filled with experienced raiders with strong leadership.

When it comes to raiding all my raiders know its business time and put all their effort in to killing and downing bosses and in the time between to have a good time. Because raiding needs to be fun otherwise what's the point.

Our guild is new yet our members are veterans of WoW. We were there when Deathwing got all pissy and tried to attack people then got flushed down the world toilet. We were there when arthas got all power hungry and decided that he needed to be the ice princess. We were there when Illidian needed to be knocked off his power hungry perch. And you know... all that vanilla WoW stuff...

Our guilds members are super helpful and quick to respond to your every knee bending question. Our guild chat is a never ending fountain of green text and our vent server will never shut up. I try my best to eliminate the drama and make it an enviroment were you will never want to go outside ever again.

Our bank is filled to the top with helpful items that you can get with a faint whisper to an officer. We also crafted a tabard, but you can't have it. Up yours.

Qualities We Strive For

We tinkle in Moonwells asks that all of our members carry these values with them while in-game.


If you carry these values, you will get along with about everyone in We tinkle in Moonwells. We cherish integrity because we know that you are going to work hard and come prepared to raids. We absolutely love that you have some humility because we know that if you know you messed up during a fight that you know you did and can correct yourself. We enjoy generousity because guildies always need help one way or another. Having loyalty to the guild and our cause is something that is always wanted in our guildies. Finally, being a friendly and an overall nice person reduces that amount of drama that our leadership has to go through and thusly creates a better enviroment for all.

General Guild Rules

We tinkle in Moonwells, doesnt have many rules to restrict people from being themselves which is something that makes us better then the rest. We just have some simple rules that we ask our guildies to follow.

-No bullying guildies and others on the server.
-Do not harm the reputation of the guild.
-Help out your fellow guildies to the best of your ability.
-Do not ask for hand outs or charities.
-Do not attempt to take something from the Guild Bank and sell it on the AH.
-Respect your leadership.
-Have fun. or else...

If you follow these rules, I guarantee you will enjoy yourself in our guild.

What We Expect From Our Raiders

At We tinkle in Moonwells we take an understanding approach to hardcore raiding. We run our raids with the expectations of many hardcore raiding guilds, but we like to have fun as well. All of this meaning that between bosses we joke around, purposely try to get people killed, and overall release some stress with humor. Here is a list of some of things that we expect from all of our raiders and potential raiders.

-We want you to know the inside and out of your class and spec, if you do not; please have the humility to ask your class officer for help.
-Come on time for raids.
-If you can't make it to the raid due to real life problems, please let someone know on the raid team that you will be absent.
-Come prepared to raid by researching each boss fight and knowing very well what happens during the whole fight.
-Do your job.
-Have some humility during the fight to know where you are messing up and then fix it.
-On days that we aren't raiding, please work to become valor capped and upgrade or purchase your gear. If not, you will be left behind from the rest of the raid group.
-Never ever ever complain about someone getting a piece of gear that you wanted and then beg for that piece.
-Be happy for your fellow raiders that got gear even if you don't.

If you follow these basic rules and understand where our leadership is coming from, I highly doubt that you will have any issue in raiding in our guild.

If you would like to be a part of the We tinkle in Moonwells family, please click the "Apply to Guild" in the top left of this website.

People to Contact for further questions

Guild Leader
Caaran - Caaran#1934
Guild Assistant
Trinanah- Trin#1724

Also, any number of our officers that are eager to answer any question you may have.

If you need help with your class whether its a question on (what gems? how should I reforge? what in gods name is my rotation?), please consult your chosen class officer. If your officer isnt on, Caaran and Healion are always and creepily eager to help.

Class Officers

Death Knight
  • Caaran- David (Tank/Dps)
  • Caaran-David (Dps/Tank)
  • Rokes-Kevin (BM/survival)
  • Aimzz-Lee (All)
  • Lottibby-Abby (Arcane/Frost)
  • Draxos
  • Lennics-Chris (All Spec)
  • Swaggerswag-AJ (Heals)
  • Jaxarse-Kevin (Tank)
  • Trinanah-Ali (Dps)
  • AFKHeals
  • Nytewulf-Brian (All spec)
  • Caaran- David (All spec)
  • (If interested, Please talk to an officer or GA)
  • (If interested, Please talk to an officer or GA)


Jobs among the guild will be specified and headed as follow:


Banker- Ali (Trin) Abby (Lotti)

  • In charge of keeping items stocked in the guild and make events to do so. Oversees the inflow and outflow of the banks contents. Recruits the proper people to help fill it depending on guild member's professions. Keeping the bank organized. 

Recruitment Officers-(open position)

  • In charge of recruiting and looking over applicants. Brings up possible members to other officers for discussion.

Guild Relations Officer-(Open Positions)

  • In charge of taking complaints and suggestions from all members of the guild. Looks for possible issues between members. Monitor to eliminate any potential drama within the guild. 

Events Officer- Lee (Aimzz)

  • In charge of building the community of the guild by making events built to make guild member more invested in the guild and to have fun. ie. setting up transmog runs, fun events, and take the suggestions of any other events for the guild.

PVE Officer- David (Caaran)

  • In charge of Class Officers to make sure they are doing their jobs and giving out the correct information to further all PVEness. Will take all class and spec questions if your said class officer is not on.

PVP Officers- (If interested, Please talk to an officer or GA)

  • In charge of settin up PVP events, starting up pvp groups, and answering any pvp questions.

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